Monday, April 12, 2010


The small things people miss out in are other people's inconveniences and thus, helping them would make great difference in their day.

People are so cooped up with their tech life that they do not realise what is happening right under their noses! They may be staring at their iTouch and may not even notice that the green man is no longer present, walk on a road and get knocked down. Then? They die a horrible death!

Friday, March 12, 2010



Azeem Vasanwala

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Azeem Vasanwala

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Monday, February 22, 2010

CE Questions

i am a starter in certain things and a finisher in others. i can start certain things such as compos really
well but end lousy while end a presentation really well with effects and transitions but can't actually start the typing of the presentation

i usually need to accomplish what i have to do in that day if not i cannot even sleep peacefully at night

p.s- i do not know what happened to the formatting

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What does a person of good character look like?
he looks confident
How does one measure up to the description of a good character?
he should be able to set an example for other people
How would others say about the character of you as an individual?
i am big headed and stubborn and and hard working in the things i like
In which area and how would you like to grow and develop in your character?
i woulld like to be a bit more hard working in whatever subjects i do

Monday, January 18, 2010


Communication is important as without it information cannot be transferred

I like to communicate using chats and phones as they are fast and efficient ways of communication.

Depending wether the situation requires an immediate answer or not, different forms of communication are required

Sometimes people are not able to understand you e.g.: language barriers

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Camp Booklet reflection activities

I have learnt to work in a team
I have learnt that there is always light at the end of the tunnel i e: no matter what the situation, you will always come out of it at one point of time.

I would do the CRC as i did not do it before

It would be to increase my leadership skill and give me a better attitude

Orientation Camp Reflection

I think that the orientation camp was very interesting as there were many different activities for us to try out and do.  Some activities such as rock climbing and the flying fox had been done by some of us before but others such as sliding into the very "un-eco" eco pond (AKA milo pond) and hiking through a jungle at night was alien. The food was ok but we were forced to eat everything in the "buffet" including the veggies. I also learned that teamwork is not as easy as it sounds as there is no such thing as an I in a team. We have to work together to achieve a common objective. One thing I am kinda embarrassed about is that on the CRC I was elected to choose what obstacle we had to do and I was the one who chickened out from it. :-) But overall the camp was fun and I have a feeling that SSt is going to be just as fun!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amazing Race Personal Reflections

  • What do you understand about the school value "Expanding Our Learning Networks"
I understand that we do not only have to learn in singapore or in our classroom, but knowledge is all around the world and its our job to find it and use it to our advantage

  • Why is this value important and how will it help you in your learning experience in SST?
As the vision states that the school is a globally connected institute of science and technology, we have to expand our learning network so that we can gather that knowledge.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Team Building Personal Reflection

Q: What do you understand about the school value ‘Forging Excellence’?

A: It means that I give my best no matter what whether at school, home or play

Q: What are the strengths that you think you possess which can help you to achieve excellence?

A: I feel that I am very dedicated at whatever I do. Sometimes, I may get distracted but usually, I do not stop whatever I do until I get my work done

Q: What other attributes and attitudes do you think you need to cultivate to excel in the things you do?

A: I think I need a positive attitude and be very dedicated and focused on whatever I do.

Q: How can you contribute to help your class succeed?

A: I think I can provide many ideas on whatever project we do. Sometimes I just need a little jumpstart that can get me going. Many times my ideas sound impossible to do but with some hard work, anything is possible.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Building Bridges Activity #4-Pesonal Reflection

I feel that working as a team allowed us to know each other better and finish on time as one person alone would not have been able to do it.
I think that I interacted with my teammates quite well and we got to know each other quite easily as we shared similar interests.
I have learnt that I am not as shy as I thought I actually was. In the future, I have to argue less with my teammates as it will save time in whatever project we are doing. Also, I have to accept other people's ideas as well.
I was a bit shy at first but during the name exchange activity, but, I got to know them as I exchanged names with them. The others were sitting next to me when we had to pretend we were someone else.